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Welcome to DissertationAdviser.com – a resource devoted to dissertation, thesis writing problems and those who are used to ask 'write my dissertation for me'. There is no need to highlight the importance of submitting a flowing, fully researched and up-to-date research project that will meet the instructions and guidelines of the dissertation committee. Is it easy? Definitely no. Writing a decent dissertation is a complicated process and only a few students actually reach the goal of getting their work approved. Why is this so? How do you minimize the risk of getting your work disapproved? What is the perfect guide to preparing a professional research proposal? How do you plan the writing process? These questions, along with hundreds of others, appear in the heads of struggling students seeking a higher degree all over the world. DissertationAdviser.com was created to relieve your pain, provide you with helpful tips and guides, and help you with dissertation editing and writing process.

How Do I Start Writing My Dissertation?

Writing any academic paper starts with a clear plan or outline. Writing a dissertation or thesis is no different. Usually, students are given at least a year to submit their written project once the research proposal gets approved. Most of the students, however, will put off the writing till the remaining 2-3 months. Why? Well, some think the job is fairly easy and there is no need to commence the writing when they have months ahead. Others are so terrified by the idea of writing a dissertation from scratch, they just don’t want to mess up with it so they seek outside help. What all of these students don’t realize is that early planning and scheduling can make the dissertation writing process a fun engagement. The very first step is to get your research proposal approved. You have to come up with a research question that would be relevant to the academic department in which you are studying, you have to find a tutor who will be willing to supervise your dissertation, you have to be an expert in the topic and what is more important, the topic or the research question has to have academic importance. Moreover, you have to explain the methodology for data-gathering (which is not a simple Google search) and present a plan for your research. You haven’t even started writing your dissertation, but you are already swamped with things you have to do. Feel uneasy? Read on at AssignmentGeek to make your fears disappear!