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Cognitive Biology PhD Dissertation Topics

Cognitive or cognition means a process or action done mentally through the senses, thought, or experience and biology is the study of living organisms.  So the study of cognitive biology is the study of how the brain works in human beings.  This kind of study can advance the medical and psychology community but it can be hard to find a topic to do your dissertation on.  Here I will give you some ideas for topics that you can use in your cognitive biology dissertation.


This is just some of the topics that you can do your dissertation on but I would think about it before you pick one.  You have spent years studying and you probably have an area that you want to know more on.  That is the subject I would use as my dissertation. Doing it on something that you want to study more because you are interested in the subject will make you dissertation sound more passionate and you research will go faster because you want to know more about the subject. So make sure you choose a topic that you can spend a long time researching that won’t make you bored after a month.