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Writing a dissertation is no easy task. This site is devoted to solving the mystery of writing a perfect dissertation.

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Have already written your dissertation? Learn how to polish it up using simple, though valuable tips and tricks.

Dissertation Writing Problems

  • Research proposal writing
  • Writing a rationale
  • Theoretical framework
  • Reviewing the literature
  • Methodology section
  • Data gathering
  • Discussion & conclusion
  • Presentational issues
  • Dissertation editing & proofreading

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Dissertation writing prompts time management

Time management is the most important thing a student must learn in order to succeed in his academic career and achieve his desired status. Time management can be done by

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Making steps
  • Dividing the day in minutes

This will you in determining what should be you doing at a certain time and what percent of your work is completed for the day. Time management is the basic foundation of writing a dissertation paper here is how you can do it effectively.

Make a list

To start with, you will have to make a list of all the steps you will be taking in writing your dissertation. Once you have your first list you can then:

  • Sub-divide the list
  • Assign each list a heading
  • Cut down the major tasks into minor ones
  • Further add small details
  • Get a calendar

Get a calendar specifically for the dissertation. Make sure it is a portable one and you can carry it along with you and rest of the time place it on your study table. You have your list with you already, now all you have to do is:

  • Mark the steps on calendar
  • Highlight the milestones
  • Mark when to visit the advisor
  • Highlight your research hours
  • Separate out short term and long term goals
  • Set goals daily, weekly and monthly
  • Visit the advisor

Keep in mind that you are not doing this alone and you need proper guidance with each step. For this you will have to keep visiting the advisor on an on-going basis. Decide with your advisor the days of the week and time of the day when you should visit him. Some portions may need more attention than others make sure to ask time frame and visits per portion. Always keep your advisor informed about the progress and never hesitate to discuss the problems you are facing.

Take out time

Take out a few minutes each day for your dissertation. A few minutes a day can contribute to a handsome amount of hours annually. Often you are too pre-occupied with exams, assignments, personal issues and other matters that you think it’s impossible to take time out. However a few minutes a day will not hurt and your dissertation will be updated.

During the two years of writing dissertation keep these things in your mind

  • Take small breaks during work
  • Do not delay any of the milestones
  • Revise your previous work weekly.

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