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How to create a dissertation: searching for motivation

Motivation: that elusive property that brings inspiration and enjoyment to life. Researchers have found that motivation is one of the keys to success in all aspects of life. When you are working on a major paper like a dissertation or thesis, you need to look for ways to motivate yourself.

Reward Yourself with Free Time

Intrinsic motivation is the most powerful form, but it is not always easy to obtain. Extrinsic motivation is much easier to use but it does not keep people motivated for long. However, if you feel like you need some quick motivation, a little reward can go a long way. For every hour that you work on your dissertation, you could reward yourself with 15 minutes of surfing the net for fun. You should set a timer so you do not go over the 15 minutes.

Enjoy Your Favorite Thing When You Meet a Milestone

Some people do well with food as a motivation. It might not be the healthiest way to be motivated, but it does usually work. You could reward yourself with a favorite food once you meet a particular milestone on your paper. If you prefer to go shopping or watch a television show, you could use that as your motivation instead.

Pride and Completion Can Be Motivating

However, many adults do not have the strength to stick to their extrinsic motivations. It is too easy to enjoy food while working or turn on a favorite television show. The best motivation is what happens on the inside. Therefore, you need to figure out a way to help yourself succeed when you do not feel like doing any work. The idea that completing a dissertation is something to be proud of is a big deal. The learning that will occur when you work on the paper should also be a motivating factor. But, in many cases, those intrinsic motivations are not enough to keep people working.

Save Money by Finishing on Time

Along with food and free time, money is one of the most powerful motivators. Your dissertation should be finished by your deadline or you could be forced to spend more money on your education. You could easily motivate yourself by speaking to your employer to see if completing your degree will help you earn a raise. Avoiding spending more money and being able to earn more at work are two ways you could motivate yourself. You can stay motivated by posting personally motivation signs at your workstation to remind yourself how important it is to complete the work at hand.