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How to Write Dissertations and Thesis: Hints from an Online Writer

When you can come up with a good research idea, get it approved, gather the relevant data and conduct an analysis, it becomes easier to write a dissertation. Otherwise, it can be an arduous task. It is a myth that you begin by writing at one chapter and end up writing another. This is not the case at all if you know the right approach to writing. Despite coming up with great ideas, most students falter and end up writing a below par dissertation. Hence, it is essential that you are aware of the dos and don’ts of writing a thesis paper. Let us understand what the guidelines are.

Taking a Productive Approach

A productive approach to writing would be to first write those sections of the dissertation that you know well and are comfortable with. Once this is done, move on to other sections as you deem fit. It is not necessary that you have to write down everything in a sequential manner. This is because once you have done writing, you will be able to put everything in a sequence and see what else needs to be included in the dissertation. This is a sensible approach as it enables you to highlight those aspects that you are passionate about and build on them.

A to Z Process

According to David Kraenzel of North Dakota State University, start with the first section. Once you are ready, go right ahead and write. Otherwise, keep flipping from one section to another, until you come across a section that you can write quite comfortably. Known as the “A to Z Method”, this will enable you to visualize what the end product will look like quite early into your writing so that you can keep on developing upon it each time you write to complete your dissertation. Some of the other things that you can do include:

Clarity of Thought

Your writing has to reflect clarity of thought without any ambiguity. Make a list of key words that are critical for your research so that you can use them effectively in your writing. Avoid using different words to convey the same meaning. Make sure that you use the same phrase so that there is greater clarity and the reader also knows what exactly you want to convey.