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Geography dissertation writing - Choosing an external or internal issue?

Dissertation writing that includes geography topics can be interesting and challenging at the same time. There are various areas of geography that seem to have complex elements that many find difficult to understand. They often require more studying and unique insight on how they work or affect other areas. External and internal issues can vary depending on how you look at them. Sometimes it takes having a special eye in determining the right issue to research.

Review Dissertations Previously Written

One way to explore internal and external issues is to review other dissertations previously written. There are educational institutions and schools that provide links to dissertations completed on related subject matter. You can get some insight on what other students considered to be important issues on both sides of the equation. You may get some ideas on what you want to write about, or at least make a list of potential topics on both sides to choose from.

Comparing Pros and Cons of Each

This may be better completed if you have an idea of which elements would be considered for either side. For instance, external issues may refer to running water from a stream or river. An internal issue may include earthquakes. Then you have aspects such as how people are affected by them, places where they occur, and scientific methods developed to help understand them. Once you figure out prime characteristics of each then you can determine what about them you feel should be researched. You can brainstorm on a general issue to get some raw ideas to consider for further research after choosing a topic.

Considering Your Interests and What You Want to Explore

When you plan ahead and choose something you have an interest in, it can help you clarify your topic. Since you are given a considerable amount of time to get your content completed, take time to review issues you care about or have a good understanding about. Think about a new angle or perspective that can be proven and brought to light.

An area of interest can be a good place to start. If you have knowledge about a particular issue you may want to explore how to learn more about it that will help you present new information. Also consider available sources and where to get credible information for your topic.