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Why not to use Doctoral Dissertations Writing Agencies

How many times have you visited the web site of a dissertation writing agency? Have you ever read the tiny print at the bottom of the screen? If not, go now and then come back here and we will chat about it.

Back already? What did you find out? Did you see the part that is used as a disclaimer and says that you are not supposed to use any part of a dissertation that you buy from them as your own? In fact, are you aware that if you even copy a single sentence from that dissertation that you paid good money for, you will be breaking the law?

See, those agencies own the copyrights to everything they sell. How would you feel if you paid your hard earned money for a dissertation (and they are not cheap) only to find that you cannot legally use it?

Beyond the illegal part, if a college finds that a student has bought a dissertation and submitted it as their own work, that is immediate grounds for expulsion. Tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars would be down the drain then.

Cheating and Plagiarism

Have you heard the stories about students buying a dissertation and then working on them ,changing the details and yet still being caught for plagiarism? These are not urban legends. It happens all the time. Colleges work very hard to keep up with the ways that plagiarism is caught. Here are some of the ways:

Turnitin is a software that is sort of like Copyscape. It compares the work you submit with more than 20 BILLION web pages, more than 100 million books and journals as well as more than 220 million papers submitted by other students. If you buy a dissertation through an agency, how are you sure that the work will not be caught by this software?

Defending your dissertation is another way that cheaters get caught. If a professor has the slightest doubt that the work is yours, they can call you in at any time to defend the most tiny little obscure detail in the paper. If you did not write the paper, how will you be able to defend anything that they might ask? You may get away with this if you have an eidetic memory, but if you don't you could be screwed.

The point is, don't risk your entire educational and future professional career just because you don't want to write your dissertation. It really isn't worth it.