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Hiring Dissertation Writers is Not an Academic Crime

Occasionally you will hear “having dissertation writers do your paper for you isn’t a crime”. The person saying this would be correct 100%. Of course, it is academic crime.

Your School’s Honor Code

All institutions have an honor code and most have it written. Instructors will also implement their own honor codes to ensure that essays and work turned in is authentic and not counterfeit. A dissertation that was handled by someone else would fall in the counterfeit pile. The main thing with an honor code is that everyone is expected to play by it.

Academic Crime

Simply put, academic crime would be breaking the school’s honor code—in this case, hiring writers to do your dissertation. Academic crime is a kind of gray area for a few reasons:

These three are the main reasons. The honor code could be written in stone and definition made explicit, but it would be difficult to make sure everyone on campus abide by the rule. Also, there’s no one to enforce the code. You could place it on teachers, but their primary job is to teach, not police who is cheating on essays.

Finally, the proof is hard to identify. In the case of an exam cheaters can be busted easily. When it comes to dissertation writing—or any essay for that matter—it’s hard to point out who is cheating. In principle it is academic crime, but there’s no one standing over the student buying the services or the person writing the paper to say “Hey, you guys are cheating. I’m telling!”

Basically, it’s not a crime if no one is hurt or gets caught.

What Makes It A Crime In Principle?

The main thing that makes it a crime in principle is that there is something on the line and something has been stolen. You earn your grade by honestly doing the work. That’s the foundation of the honor code at a school. By having a writer do your dissertation, you basically stole your grade and depending on how often you did it, you stole your degree.

Think of it as academia’s version of juicing.