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PhD is a pure research degree in which students have to submit a research work. The assigned time to do research during PhD is more than two years. The time given to such a work shows the worth of this work. You need to be very careful while writing your PhD thesis. It is a tough and critical work to do. Everything that is technical and critical does not mean that it is impossible to do. You should not get panic about writing your PhD thesis instead you should organize things in your mind and you should do a lot of research before writing a dissertation work. Dissertation writing for PhD requires some set principles to be followed during the writing. It has its own format and rules set by standard education systems. There are few parts which are pre-requisites of a PhD dissertation. You must include such things in your thesis in the already defined order. One of these important things is Abstract.

Abstract of a dissertation is the face of dissertation and it plays the prime role in evaluating your whole dissertation. The abstract of a PhD thesis should be written very carefully with full attention. It should be crowning as it is the crux of your research paper. There are certain important points which must be included in an abstract. One should not forget including these points in abstract. The points are listed below: