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Mind-Blowing Advertising Dissertation Topics

So, you’re studying advertising? Well, you’ve got a lot to learn – about people, about products, and about selling. You’ll start now, though, in the same place that all previous advertising experts started – by writing your advertising dissertation. The only way you’ll be able to pass your courses and explode onto the advertising scene is by mastering your final dissertation. To do this, you need to make sure that your dissertation absolutely blows your professor’s mind! Don’t be afraid; there are some simply guiding topics that can lead you towards some of the most mind-blowing, impressive and thoughtful advertising dissertation topics on the planet! See the three main categories below to get inspired for your mind-blowing dissertation!

The Internet

The internet is a huge, important and wide-reaching tool that has quickly become a unique and effective tool for advertising companies. Think of all the advertisements you see prior to videos and on the sides of websites – they’re there for a reason! Many mind-blowing advertising dissertation topics floating around the education scene today have to do with the usage and effect of online advertising. If you really want to inspire and reach your audience, examine some aspects of online advertising. How often do you encounter subliminal advertising when cruising the net? How do advertising companies dictate the purposes and

Changes Over the Eras

Advertising does not stay the same. If you examine ads from thirty years ago, you’ll find some substantial differences between these and the ads of today. This is a great starting point for your dissertation. Why have ads changed? Why is certain advertising from previous eras not as effective as current styles of advertising? Why did these changes happen? You may find a huge number of social, political and cultural evolutions have contributed to the evolution of advertising. This is a great topic, especially given that it relates directly to history and many other important aspects in mainstream society.

Art and Advertising

Art has always been used in advertising, whether it be in physical mediums (paintings, drawings, etc.), or recorded media (films, photographs). How a society defines art, however, effects much of the art used in media. What art has made it’s way into the media, and why? What art has been successful in advertising, and what has failed? The choices that advertising makes in regards to artistic inclusion is an intriguing topic, and you’re likely to blow the minds of your readers by examining the effect of art, artistic meaning and artistic growth (or decay) in advertising campaigns.