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How to Get Access to a Dissertations and Theses Database

When it comes time for upper-level students to start deciding on what their master thesis or doctoral dissertations will be about, students are advised to review the body of work of already published theses and dissertations relevant to their field of study in full.  Once, not too long ago, attaining access to databases was difficult and limiting.  Students had to spend endless hours on campus in the university’s library.  Now, this is not necessary, and the process is much easier. Use this as a guide for how to get access to a dissertation and theses database.

The easiest way to gain access is online, which is fantastic, as you can do this wherever you are and whenever you want.  There are two primary types of websites to gain entry.

Dissertations and Theses Databases Online from Universities

  • One would be hard-pressed not to find a website for every university.  Large universities that focus on upper-level students almost always have their own database available.
  • However, with this option, students are often required to be a student of the university. Therefore, private log-in information to gain access is needed.
  • The good news is that a lot of universities use an outside service for supplying the database.  This means that if your university is one of these, chances are you will have access to a huge, full database collection. Also, your university may be working together with other universities to supply tools for students to succeed and have access to the full body of knowledge available. 

Dissertations and Theses Databases from Online Companies

  • Unlike the vast body of published journal articles, master theses and doctoral dissertations are public.  One can walk into a university library and find a published hardcopy of past students’ dissertations on the shelf.  Therefore, one can also easily gain access through online private companies. 
  • Utilizing an online private company means that you will have access to a huge, collective database from numerous universities, and it is global.  These databases are so good and so vast that many universities simply have these companies handle all of their publications. 
  • More than not, these private companies offer this service free of charge to students. The universities pay for the company’s services.
  • Please note that some still only provide abstracts and not the full body of work for each publication.  Therefore, if you have landed on one of these sites, perform another search query and find a website that offers each in full.
  • Reviewing all the literature is tasking enough.  Fortunately, finding the literature is easy.

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