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  • Theoretical framework
  • Reviewing the literature
  • Methodology section
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  • Presentational issues
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How to Download a PhD Dissertation Sample for Free

The time has come. Your quest for higher learning, which began with the halcyon days of undergraduate studies that led to admission and completion of grad school and onto pursuing your doctorate, has come down to writing your dissertation. In all fairness, this is a difficult time in life, a crossroads if you will. On one hand is the fact you have been a professional student for the better part of ten years now, protected from the harsh reality of the working world by the warm and cozy world of academia. On the other hand, it doesn’t take a doctoral candidate to realize that your hard work, research and ideas are being cherry-picked by the same department that is asking you to assist with their own research. Hmm...maybe you were in the real world all along! We don’t have time for denial to turn into acceptance right now, so let’s continue in the same vein by discussing PhD dissertations and how to download a sample for free.

The dissertation and thesis are not one and the same

  • Dissertations only detail how to reach your thesis.
  • Although very important, a dissertation is only one piece required for earning a PhD.

Now that we have established the importance and purpose of a dissertation, let’s take a look at how downloading a thesis can be beneficial.

Learn from others

  • Start with a one page outline to your thesis, also known as an abstract.
  • Look into the abstracts from dissertations that have been reviewed and accepted.
  • University libraries and online catalogues are an excellent place to start your research.
  • Accepted dissertations will also provide you with the framework on how to properly present a dissertation.
  • Technical libraries will also have the content listed above. With the emergence and necessity of technology in everyday life, dissertations specific to technology have become readily available to just about anyone.

So where is the best place to get your hands on an accepted dissertation and take the first step towards changing the world for the better? If you are seeking your PhD at press time (now), chances are you stopped reading this article before you even saw the hyperlink. For those of you not there yet, I’m willing to bet you are internet savvy enough to realize how clicking to download a free PDF in the virtual world can help you obtain a PhD in the real world.

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