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Writing Services Can Spoil Students - True or False?

A good writing service can be a student’s best friend – especially if that student does not like to write. But, can a good writing service spoil a student?

True: A good writing service certainly can spoil a student. The newest writing services no long sell a group of essays to their clients. These writing services now allow clients to select their own writers to create customized essays that are completely unique. Students who buy essays from writing services no longer have to worry about being accused of plagiarism, because their essays are not stolen or copied.

False: Writing services are not consistent enough to spoil students. Most new writing services do write unique essays rather than recycle old ones, but the writers do not always stick around long enough to provide a consistent voice for those students. The best writers are constantly requested, so unless students are lucky enough to get their favorite writers, they often end up with whoever is available. Professors and teachers often notice when voices change in one student’s work, so they become suspicious when the consistency does not occur.

True: Students can easily become addicted to writing services because they do not have to spend hours working on assignments. It only takes a few minutes to hire a writer. Students receive their essays via email, print them out, and turn them in. With the help of the writing services, students do not have to do their homework; they can do something fun, instead. Having fun is so much more addicting that writing essays!

False: Writing services are too expensive for students to use them enough to be spoiled. Students who use writing services have to usually pay big fee to get the high quality essays that earn good grades. With writing services, students get what they pay for, so the best essays are the expensive ones. Many college students are on a budget, so they cannot buy essays as often as they would like to buy them. When students spend money buying essays, they do not get the practice they need to build writing skills. So, when students stop buying essays, they have to write, but their essays are usually not as good as the purchased ones, so their teachers will notice.

School is a place for students to learn. Buying essays do not help students learn.