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How to avoid most common theses writing mistakes

Thesis is one of the most critical writing assignments a student has to complete in his academic career. Students should be very careful while writing their thesis as their degree depends on it.

Here are a few common mistakes you should avoid while writing your thesis

Grammatical errors and typos

The first and foremost thing you should remember while writing your thesis is avoiding grammatical errors. If you write a very highly researched and compiled thesis paper but it has typing errors and grammatically it is not sound then it will ruin all the impression and all your effort will be wasted

Use short sentences

Using long structured sentences also leads to confusion. Students should try to break down longer sentences into short ones so that they are easy to keep track of. While writing long sentences students usually miss the point and create an open ended sentence

Use the right words

Do not use complicated vocabulary to make an impression. The question is not using the big or small words you should use the words that are most suitable. In short you should use the right words.

Stay focused and precise

It is important for you stay relevant and avoid including unnecessary details

Write authenticated references

Whenever you quote a reference a fact or a figure make sure it is valid and authenticated. Don’t just write something you heard or read randomly. Include authenticated sources in your thesis

Write in a natural tone

Do not be too formal that your paper looks artificial and don’t be too informal that it misses the line of being academic. Stay natural while you write your thesis

Follow the format

It is very important to format your paper right and follow the specific format. Do not make a mistake in formatting as it gives a very careless impression of the student

Meet the requirements set by your instructor

Your dissertation will be useless if it does not meet the specifications set by your instructor. When you are writing your thesis keep in mind the specifications set by your professor so that you can get a good grade

Proof read your work

Finally before you submit your work to the dissertation committee at your university you must proof read it. Ask a friend or colleague for a neutral opinion because you cannot be objective about your own work.