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List Of Great Dissertation Titles In Criminal Law

Although there are numerous directions that a career in the legal field can take a student, one of the most exciting is criminal law. Many students go into school with visions of making a difference in the world, putting away some of the most dangerous offenders, and making a name for themselves. While they may or may not become the next Perry Mason or Johnny Cochran, it is still the dream of every new graduate to have a trial that will be talked about throughout the entire world.

To give you the best start on your dreams, here is a list of some great dissertation titles to inspire you in your paper:

  • Not eligible for parole: Proposed changes to Canada's criminal code.

  • No charges laid: The history of criminals who hide behind diplomatic immunity.

  • The FBI's top three: Bedwetting, animal cruelty, and playing with fire as indicators of a future psychopath.

  • A contrast and comparison of Islamic and UK laws on compensation for crime victims.

  • The law, reform, and critical analysis development: Constructing rape and the consenting boundaries.

  • The context of criminal law culpability: Notion of character, choice, and capacity.

  • Evidence and investigation for criminal justice system complainants.

  • You have to stay: Scotland's new refusal to grant automatic release to terrorists and child rapists.

  • Fruit from the poisonous tree: Does the UK have a sufficient balance between ill-gotten evidence and confessions?

  • Is community policing a sign of tyranny or a way to provide safety for citizens?

  • Martial law in the United States: Will a lengthy period be needed and tolerated?

  • Creating a reduction in the numbers for delinquency rates among the juvenile population.

  • An exploration of the community effects of incarceration.

  • Are they responsible? A look at the laws protecting young offenders who kill in Canada and the UK.

  • Community notification laws: A study of how the sexual offender registry affects public safety in the United States.

  • A shot in the dark: A closer look at the incidences of firearm discharge in the New York Police Department.

  • Loaded and unlocked: A look at the ease with which Americans are taking their right to bear arms.

  • Dying to get back in: A study of newly released offenders and their choice to return to prison.

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