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Writing A Thesis Bibliography: 15 Tips For College Students

A bibliography is the section you write at the end of your thesis where you list all the works you have used in your paper whether as a reference or writing. You need to include the list of all these sources because the bibliography is an important part of your thesis. This helps the future researchers and other authors in checking the sources you used for your paper and retrieving the data for research

Tips for writing a thesis bibliography

If you are new to this, kind of writing then you should consider using the following tips to come up with a strong bibliography for your thesis

  1. Use websites and online sources to find information for the references in your work. You may consider checking published in database and published electronically dissertations
  2. Include your citation in the footnotes
  3. Keep the instructions of your teacher in your mind while formatting this section
  4. Use general title abbreviations as mentioned by your teacher or supervisor. Some examples use complete forms while others use abbreviations depending upon the requirements
  5. To avoid plagiarism or any allegations, you need to make sure that you include all the sources properly in your bibliography as well as give the name of the author and cite the text when you include it in your paper
  6. Use quotation marks when you quote a passage or work word to word from the original author
  7. Be very clear about the source you used to cite this data like a table, figure, stat, or chart etc.
  8. You need to give credit to the original author even if you rephrase his work in your own words or recreate his idea in your paper
  9. Use an online referencing software to help you create your bibliography easily and define the format you need
  10. List the sources at the end of your paper to acknowledge the original author
  11. List the sources at the end of your paper to avoid ambiguity
  12. When you select a certain format for writing the bibliography, then you need to stick to it until the end of your paper
  13. The bibliography should have an alphabetical order by the last name of the first author of the work
  14. If you cite more works from the same author, then you should consider using the chronological order for including in the list
  15. The reference in text and the bibliography need to be exactly same to each other