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Management Dissertations: Personal Viewpoint

In any type of dissertation, Management or otherwise, you should never include your personal viewpoint unless it is specifically asked for in the instructions. Some dissertations will be specified to have certain chapters and some will not. If no instructions are given as to what is to be included then use your personal judgment.

Here are the parts that are generally to be included in a dissertation:

Notice that you do not see a section for personal anything.

The sections that are there may or may not be used in a dissertation. Which sections are to be included will be in the instructions. Whatever sections that you use should be done completely to the very letter of the instructions. If you find that while you are writing your dissertation you need help with formatting or with finding out exactly what a certain section should be then you can always ask your professor first. If that is not an option then you may ask a classmate, but their information may not be all that reliable so only do this with caution.

A third way to find out how to format your dissertation and what the sections should contain can be found with a quick search on the internet. Actually many colleges and universities have sample dissertations or formats that you can follow. Barring this method there are many other related sites that will offer the same type of information. Be careful with these those as most of the time they will want you to pay them for assistance in one way or another. Whatever you do though do not go to Wikipedia for any help or even to use as a resource. Wiki pages can be written by anyone regardless of their knowledge on the subject. This is not a good resource for any paper.

If your professor does request a personal viewpoint section then ask what it should include and write down the answer to that question exactly as he says it. Follow the instructions for that part (and every other part) to the greatest extent possible. By following the directions to the letter you will be able to not only get your dissertation done, but you will be able to get it done right with the greatest of ease.