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Creating a successful PhD dissertation: 10 helpful prompts

If you are working on a PhD dissertation there is no question you’re looking for all of the help that you can get. Writing these papers is never easy, yet their importance makes you go the extra mile and more to get the perfect paper. Take a look at these 10 helpful prompts that can make your dissertation paper writing a little bit easier.

  1. Do not start writing with the introduction. While this is the very first piece of the paper, it is usually the last portion of the dissertation that a student will write. Many claim it to be much easier to do at the end of the writing.
  2. Your dissertation volume should consume a large portion of the paper. Your paper should be at least 70% body information.
  3. Do not include the theme in the title of your chapters.
  4. Do not forget to make your outline. While this is not always a necessary step it is one that will make your paper far easier to write, saving you time and effort, while ensuring that your paper is one that impresses.
  5. Give yourself plenty of time to write the paper. Your instructor will provide you with sufficient time, so do not wait until the last minute to start getting things done.
  6. Use help when you need it. Sometimes asking a question can give you that needed boost to get ahead and succeed in your dissertation paper writing. There are tons of ways that you can find help when you need it the most, so do not be afraid to use it.
  7. Find a quite work area that is free of distractions and dedicate yourself to working on your PhD dissertation. Set time aside for the project, and focus all of your attention where it needs to be focused.
  8. Your dissertation paper should follow a specific structure to make it readable. Make sure that the structure outlined by your professor is the structure that you follow.
  9. Make your abstract stand out. In some cases this is the only part of the entire paper that will be read, at least on short term basis. The abstract can help others greatly.
  10. Working with a friend may be a good solution that helps you both. If you have a dissertation buddy, work together for the best results.