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Dissertation Topics in Business: a List of Brilliant Ideas

The sphere of business research contains a great number of areas that require profound and deep research, which can be done through a thorough study such as dissertation writing.

The following list of topics will prove to be useful for those who are stuck at the very beginning of business dissertation writing, i.e. the stage of choosing a topic for future research:

  1. Innovative ways of entering the international market.

    Explore traditional business expansion strategies such as strategic alliance, franchise, and developing new market segments. Compare them to the latest business inventions such as email marketing, online surveys, and social network advertising.

  2. Ways to establish friendly employee relationships and high motivation.

    Study traditional approaches in motivating employees such as the Hawthorne effect; dwell on the possibilities and positive results of their implementations.

  3. The history of Swiss banking and finance.

    Go deep into the history of the most successful financial system; single out the factors that contributed to its international success.

  4. The role of local authorities in starting businesses in Hungary.

    Investigate the system of local governing bodies and the powers they have in business practices. Explore cases of negative and positive interactions between businesses and the officialdom.

  5. The spa industry in Europe.

    Start by learning about the history of the industry, the stages of its development, and people that contributed to its success. Then, describe its contemporary state.

  6. The role of famous actresses in beauty treatment advertising.

    Explore the brightest examples of successful beauty treatment promotional campaigns. Define the role of female celebrities in them, and suggest new ways of involving actresses in advertising.

  7. The rates of job satisfaction among IT employees.

    Investigate the ways of defining the levels of job satisfaction among all employees. Choose the ones that seem the most effective, and use them to define the levels of IT employees’ satisfactions.

  8. Teenagers as the autonomous consumers of online shopping technologies.

    Explore the recent changes and innovations in the online shopping industry. Dwell on the ones that are intended for all age groups; find out whether underage children use the services, and to what extent.

  9. Ways to win customer loyalty to services.

    Write about the traditional ways of attracting loyal customers. Single out the most efficient ones; suggest and substantiate new ones.

  10. Business strategies during war conflicts.

    Dwell on the effects armed conflicts have on businesses, and ways to eliminate or lessen the risks.