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Learning to Write an Acknowledgement Dissertation Section

There are some things they just never teach you in school. Resumes, for example. When’s the last time you ever had a class that taught you how to craft a high quality resume? Chances are, you’ve never had a single lesson in this kind of writing. The same goes for other eclectic forms of writing – the dissertation acknowledgement section, for example. Professors may spend countless hours teaching you about dissertation writing, but they always seem to overlook this tiny, yet vitally important section. How do you write an acknowledgement dissertation section? Where can you learn about this crucial, yet elusive little writing piece?

An Overview of the Acknowledgement Section

An acknowledgement section, while seemingly unimportant, is actually a vital part of a dissertation. It is an aptly named section; in this portion of your dissertation, you should acknowledge any significant aid received from an outside party. Much like the acknowledgements given by movie stars accepting academy awards, your acknowledgements should inform your reader of any assistance you received from any important party. This may include professors that aided you in thesis development; field experts that granted you research; professionals that led you towards materials for your document; noted experts that you may have interviewed; editors, proofreaders and other outside parties that reviewed the work, and (most especially) any individuals, organizations or companies that may have funded the research. In this way, the acknowledgements section is far different from the works cited section, which simply lists relevant source material.

Writing the Acknowledgement Section

When you write an acknowledgement section, it’s important to write it in the same order as it appears relevant in your dissertation. Anyone that aided you with thesis development should come first; after that, anyone that aided in research or interviews, and after that the relevant parties that reviewed and edited your work. You may place credit for your financial backers at the beginning or the end. Always make sure that it is crystal clear what person or party you are acknowledging, and what they contributed to the dissertation at hand.
Remember that an acknowledgement section is a necessity, and should be treated as such. Do not delve into long, drawn out speeches of appreciation or spend this section illuminating a favorite supporter. The acknowledgement section should always be brief, clear and to the point. It should take up a very small amount of space in your dissertation. The more professional you are in your acknowledgement section, the more professional you will appear overall.