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Picking Unique Dissertation Topics: Useful Hints

There are infinite topics out there that you could potentially consider to write your dissertation on. There may be similarities between quite a few of them but the subtle differences still allow them to be considered as distinct from one another. If your intention is to be unique in your writing, here are some useful hints that you should keep in mind:

  • A unique concept may take more time to explore
  • In your commitment to produce a paper unlike anything anyone else has written you may inadvertently make it harder for yourself to write. Some of the most unlikely topics are the ones that have not been touched by previous students because they would require far too many resources or they are impossible to truly delve into. This may mean you need to pick something less extreme.

  • Originality is not the only important characteristic
  • A paper should be original but if you end up picking something that is revolting or offensive to write your dissertation on, you can very easily lose the support of your faculty and end up in serious trouble academically. Your work is not meant as a gimmick. This is not a reality television show you are planning. Respect yourself and your work and do not aim to be strange just for the sake of strangeness.

  • Teams can be useful
  • Once you have some idea of what you intend to do, you can get together a few of your colleagues from class to brainstorm dissertation topics together. You can discuss your different backgrounds and experiences and thereby create potential topics that blend what everyone knows together in some way. Such topics are likely to be receives well.

  • Form an unlikely connection with a subject that seems unrelated
  • If you are a Physicist, people are unlikely to expect you to come up with a topic that includes elements of Psychology or Theology. If you can find a concept that merges elements of subjects that seem to have no connections at all, you may even find yourself the founder of a whole new sub-field that subsequent generations will look to you as the founder of. If your work is exceptionally written and researched this is not a far off possibility at all.

The way you write and research and the topics you choose all reflect aspects of your self that the world may not otherwise have seen. Let your dissertation be your legacy.

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