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Top 5 Finance Dissertation Topics

Working on a dissertation for business school is challenging, but extremely rewarding. The basic research that goes into writing a dissertation really does open up the eyes of the student to the complexity of the financial world of business. If you are looking for topics for a finance dissertation, you have many interesting choices. The following topics are not specific enough for an actual dissertation, but they have been chosen because they provide so many opportunities for interesting, well-focused finance dissertations.

  1. The Banking Industry
  2. This is one of the most important industries in the finance world, as banks are exchanging money, providing loans, paying interest, and making their way through the complex economic world. The banking industry has many controversies that are worth rehashing and the banking industry is on the cusp of great things.

  3. The Feds
  4. Without the Federal Reserve Board we would have any idea what our money is like. Ben Bernanke has been a very busy man setting value and managing the money that our country needs to properly survive in today’s world. Whether the dissertation focuses on the people of the FRB or it focuses on the work the feds do, there will certainly be something to learn while tackling this controversial organization.

  5. International Commerce (Especially with banking)
  6. In our global community, finance experts need to be well-versed on international business. While this may not be the main focus of every finance student, it could provide for some unusual and interesting research in the field of international money-making.

  7. Non-Profits and Tax Status
  8. Non-profit businesses are always just a step ahead that the traditional business, simply because they are non-profits. They have completely different tax laws and many small business owners find that they cannot compete with an industry that does not pay taxes or other fees that local business owners are very familiar with over the years.

  9. Microfinancing
  10. The idea that microloans can help make the differences in the lives of people living in third-world countries is very popular today. These little loans can not only help individuals in third-world countries, but also with the people who are providing those loans. Small businesses often just need little cash injections and this type of financing is interesting to research.

When you have found the perfect topic, you will know. Besides these top five dissertation categories and topics, there are also plenty of obscure topics that can providing interesting reading and writing.