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Tips on How To Write a Thesis Sentence

Starting out:

  • The most important thing to do before you begin to write a thesis sentence is to know the topic you are going to be writing about.
  • It is also very important to know what aspect of the topic you want to write about. A thesis sentence should be broad enough where you can find enough information on the topic to write a good length paper about, but generalized enough where you don't have too much information. If you start with too broad of a topic you could get overwhelmed by the amount of information you are presented with.

Writing the sentence:

  • One thing that many people forget about for the thesis sentence is that you shouldn't use first person in it, Therefore you shouldn't say, “I am going to write about...”
  • In the thesis sentence you want to include what your paper is about and the different parts.
  • An example, using this article for reference, would be, “Writing a thesis sentence has many different parts such as: finding your topic, narrowing it down, and summarizing it.”


  • While you want your thesis sentence to talk about your topic, it's more of an introduction to the topic than a whole summary. Instead of including too much information about your topic you simply want to state the topic and maybe two or three points that will be talked about more in depth later in your paper.
  • The thesis sentence in general is used to tell the reader what your paper is going to be about and what aspect of the topic you are going to be talking about.

Where it goes:

  • The thesis sentence goes at the very beginning of the introduction. It should be the first thing the reader sees. Sometimes, if trying to grab the attention of the reader it is appropriate to include an attention grabber before the thesis, as long as it is relevant to the topic of the paper.


The thesis sentence is imperative to the paper because it gives the reader a small look into what you're going to talk about and helps them decide if they want to continue reading the paper. For this reason it must be brief but also interesting and informative with a possible attention grabber that is relevant to the subject matter.

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