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Thesis vs Dissertation: General Ideas for Beginners

What’s the difference between a thesis and a dissertation? For many people, the answer isn’t so clear. Especially if you are a foreign student studying in the USA, the concept of a thesis and the concept of a dissertation can seem very similar. However, there are some key differences that will help you understand what is expected in a thesis and what is expected of a dissertation.

  • Degree level: one of the biggest differences between a thesis and a dissertation is the degree level. In general, in the USA, a thesis is a final project for the procurement of either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, while a dissertation is a final project for the procurement of a Doctoral degree. A doctoral candidate is supposed to be much more independent, knowledgeable, and focused on a specific field than someone getting their Master’s degree, so a dissertation reflects this level of expertise.
  • Research and presentation: in a thesis, you are expected to analyze and interpret existing literature on a subject, whereas in a dissertation you are expected to conduct original research on a subject. Both a thesis and dissertation should add to the canon of existing knowledge on a particular topic, but a dissertation is held to much higher standards in terms of originality and newness. In a thesis, the bulk of the paper will be interpretation of research that other people have conducted; it’s beneficial to say something new about this research, but it’s not entirely necessary in all cases. In a dissertation, you need to be in charge of conducting your own, original research and presenting it in a way that adds to the general understanding of the topic.
  • Length: in general, a dissertation will be significantly longer than a thesis. A thesis may not be presented in chapters, which a dissertation will almost always include.
  • Outside support: a thesis will generally allow a student to get in-depth assistance from a mentor throughout the writing process, with regularly scheduled meetings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. On the other hand, a dissertation is expected to be completed largely on one’s own. That’s not to say anyone writing a dissertation won’t have a mentor who can guide them; if you’re writing a dissertation, finding and meeting with a mentor is a necessary tool. However, the bulk of the editing, research, planning, and writing will fall entirely on the scholar, with less help from the mentor.

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