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So you believe you have a brilliant idea for a business dissertation. That's great but remember that you must first get approval or backing for your dissertation to proceed. This means creating a proposal. Look upon this as an exercise in marketing. You have the idea and now you need to explain and promote it so that your idea for a business dissertation can go ahead. The proposal is seriously important. Both the content of the proposal and your presentation are equally important. A great proposal poorly presented will likely fail.

But assuming your proposal is well written, is to the point and you sell it effectively, your project is up and running. Here are some tips for a business dissertation writing guide.

The best way to argue for the benefits outlined in your business dissertation is to have a broad knowledge of your subject. This only comes by reading widely even very widely in your particular field. As you read make a note of any relevant points and particularly of any related quotes. You will need to clearly list your sources as part of your business dissertation. Keep excellent records of your reading material.

It is vitally important that you come up with something unique. Now any dissertation in business will never be totally unique but if so, you then need to find a new angle or a new approach to the theme or topic of your dissertation. A really good tip is to find a hook or aspect of your dissertation which stands out and on which you can base your case.

There is a tried and tested format for the layout or method of presentation of the vast majority of business dissertations. Following this tried and tested format will make the reading of your dissertation so much easier. You want it to be successful so follow the rules or conventions.

The sort of things you are looking at are the basics of a table of contents, an introduction with a summary of what is to follow, the points you make in a clearly defined chapter by chapter project and, of course, a conclusion with a list of all your reading and sources. Following these tips will not guarantee success but it will go a long way to making your dissertation a winner.