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How to find relevant support for your dissertation statements

Dissertation statements cannot stand alone. They always need to be supported by logical and relevant arguments. Most of the times, it happens to students that they spend too much time and effort in making their thesis statement. They try to make their thesis statement catchy and comprehensive but they fail to develop strong supportive arguments against it. If your thesis statement is not supported properly in your thesis work then you won’t be able to make a good impression on your supervisor or reader.

This article is providing you with some of the tips which you can find useful in developing a strong support to your thesis or dissertation statements. Given below is the list of functional tips to find the relevant support of your dissertation statement:

  • Introductory paragraph:
  • When you are writing your introductory paragraph then you must keep in mind that this is the most significant paragraph which will help you clearly stating your dissertation statement. You should write it with care and hard work. It should be written very precise and clear so that it can be used in all of rest paragraphs as well.

  • Subsequent paragraphs:
  • The role of subsequent paragraphs is to develop your thesis statement by sticking to the main idea that you have given in your introductory paragraph. In each paragraph you should have to give a touch of your thesis statement along with logical examples and arguments so that reader must stay involved to your thesis.

  • Instances and illustrations:
  • In order to support your thesis statement, you have to provide as many examples as you can.

  • Facts & Figure:
  • You should include the factual information in order to support your dissertation statement.

  • Statistics/ Statistical Facts:
  • You can also support your dissertation statement by adding the statistical factual data in its support.

    Famous Quotations:

    You can also write the quotes of well renowned authors or personalities with references to support your thesis statement.

  • Logical Argumentation:
  • In order to support your dissertation statement you have to build the logical and critical argumentation so that reader must be convinced with the idea that you are presented in your thesis statement in introductory paragraph.

  • Convincing Opinion:
  • You have to develop your dissertation statement convincingly so that reader must agree with your thesis statement at the end of your work or at conclusion.

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